Gloves – Tues 19th Jan 2016

By | January 19, 2016

(As if no one knows what gloves look like!)

The pesky things above have been the bane of my life this morning, yes, I know, a very “first world problem”.

I bought these last year for D because – even though mittens are far, far easier for her to put on – she wanted gloves, like her friends have.  She also somewhat optimistically said that gloves would be easier for making snowballs.

The only trouble with gloves for D is she can’t put them on herself.  I guess it’s a lot to compute isn’t it, the getting the hand in, in just the right way so that fingers and thumbs go in the right places.   She was determined to do it by herself, but she couldn’t.

We had a walk to school with her getting crosser and crosser, putting on one, not getting it all correct, pulling it off and trying, trying again.  All the time with exclamations of frustration and no, she did not want help.

In the end, we swapped.  She agreed to wear my thin black woolly pair and I wore her red fleece ones.  They made me feel a bit like this:

So snuggly were they.  

If our girl had accepted assistance, we’d have had a much happier walk, maybe pointing out the frozen puddles and crunchy grass, c’est la vie.

All change at the end of the day as I arrived with some library books (Rainbow Magic) and The Worst Witch, the latter she has wanted to read for ages.

She walked home, nose in her book, happy.  Such a contrast from this morning, good news.

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mummyshire on 19th January 2016 at 9:33 pm.

Oh morning grumbles are never a joy on the way to school and I can imagine the frustration of not being able to put on gloves – frustration for her and for you as she is becoming more independent!


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