Frost stopped play – Sat 16th Jan 2016

By | January 16, 2016

Poor T.  Last week’s match was called off on the morning of the game because the pitch was waterlogged, today it was due to frost.  A potential 9.30am kick/off meant that the frozen ground was deemed too dangerous to play on.  So, off again.

It’s meant that he hasn’t played a competitive game for a month and the build up to getting ready for it then to be dashed, is taking its toll.  He has training  of course and regular PE, but as he’s a chap who lives, breathes and absorbs all things football, it’s tough for him. 

Suggestions of heading over to a field with a ball are not met well, I guess in his eyes, if a field is OK to kick a ball on, then his match should have been on.  Unfortunately officials have to look at the bigger picture, something which T can’t always do – there’s plenty of metaphorical black and white in T’s works, but not much grey (that middle ground).

So, a change for T also meant a change for D, she unexpectedly had her brother around.  Because my children have difficulty interpreting social signals, they will very often accuse each other of (amongst other things) glaring – when it’s usually been a glance up – the other will retaliate and before you know it, they’re both unhappy and my referee skills (or lack of, it certainly feels that way at times) come out.

Tomorrow is another day, a potentially snowy one if the forecasters are to be believed, we’ll see.

Since I joined Facebook (Jeannette Cripps autismmumma) last month, I’ve enjoyed seeing the little tests that others take and their results are then posted.  I tried the “which song best sums up the life of…” and was amazed at the result, today’s made me giggle.  I’m a “wild child” apparently:


Funny eh? 

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