Friday means … – Fri 15th Jan 2016

By | January 15, 2016

Ooh, D loves Fridays, don’t we all!  

For D, Friday means a flute lesson at school, which she really enjoys (today they were learning to play the theme from Star Wars) and fish and chips, her absolutely favourite meal of the week.

We’ll walk along to school and I’ll say to her “what was the date yesterday…what day will it be tomorrow..” today I included “day before…two days before…two days after..” and she did very  well.  She especially looks forward to the  round up questions at the end “so, what’s the day today…and what does that mean?” and she’ll squeak “fish and CHIPS” extremely happily (chips is always squeaked in a higher and louder tone).

Today brought a new excitement because she wanted to go along with Hubbie, normally she waits at home with T and I, clock-watching (as it means a later tea time) and listening for that door to open.

She was mega mega excited until it came to actually leaving and then anxieties set in, she wanted to go…but then she didn’t.  Withdrawing into her little shell until one of us second-guessed what was wrong because she wasn’t saying.  It transpired she didn’t want to go without me and yes, I could have put on a coat and gone too, but it’s good for D to have some time with her dad without me, it benefits them both.

I’ll go a bit “Daily Mail” here and show a picture:


In the end, all was well.  She loved clutching the warm bag of goodies as they were coming back and received a fortune cookie too.  Bit appropriately it said something all the lines of “someone will recognise your talent” and in the week she started singing practise for the school production.

Yes, Friday means flute and fish and CHIPS for D, for her dad and I it also means family time as we sit around the table, which is lovely.

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