Changeable – Fri 22nd Jan 2016

By | January 22, 2016

Today started really well with D overjoyed that, not only it was Friday but that we could also have our usual wood-way walk to school.  She also had a flute lesson which always makes her happy.

And this afternoon was pointing to a positive one too.  She skipped out of school singing (to the tune of “we’re off to see the wizard”) “we’re off to have our weekend”.

And then the upsets started with, having to walk past hoards of people as the woods were, once again, impassable.  They rushed past her, children running, pushchairs ramming to get past, it worried her and we had to stop a few times for her to regroup her emotions.  Then home and a couple of misunderstandings which sent her to the bottom step of the stairs (which we don’t use but D plonks herself on there if she thinks she’s done something wrong).
Surprisingly at tea time, she had no “worst bits”, she very much focuses in the “here and now” – which is a relief after quite a changeable week for her.
It’s looking positive for T’s game tomorrow, fingers crossed that he does get to play and get back into that routine that he needs.

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