Throw – Sun 6th Dec 2015

By | December 6, 2015

Here’s our finished game for which I was making Pom Poms with D yesterday.  Fortunately D was comfortable with me making two holes in Olaf for the “snowballs” to get thrown through.

She loves it! In fact we’ve all had a try.  There’s 16 Pom Poms and D’s had the highest score (not that we got competitive) with 10/16.

It always amazes me that she is so good at tennis, golf and badminton (and now this) but present her with a pen and paper or some threading and she struggles.  The intricacies around both her and T’s abilities are unique for both.  Never disabilities, we aim for a “can do” approach here.

The softness of the “snowballs” has meant it doesn’t matter too much if they’re thrown with force, one did disintegrate but hey ho!

It also brought another good natured time with turn-taking, which is a big bonus.

And where’s Glitter been today?

  She decides to oversee things from a pen pot, looking through a magnifying glass, who knows why but it brought some laughter from D when she saw her.

Tomorrow sees D’s class Christmas trip and they’re going snow-tubing! Something which our heights-loving girl is really looking forward too, we can’t wait to hear all about it – *fingers crossed* she enjoys it at much as she hopes.  

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