This week’s #R2BC and #WOTW

By | December 17, 2015

Apparently the emoji above is one for “Relieved” and that would be me right now, albeit with my hair in an attempted “messy” doughnut bun style on top of my head (I’ve got the “messy” bit right anyway, the doughnut not so, it’s more of a squished loaf)

Anyway, relieved is how I’m feeling.  And here’s why:

1.  School’s Out..

Nearly, so nearly.  One more day and then two weeks off from muddy school runs and various emotions from D and T as they have got wearier as the end of term looms. Some changes to their school days have gone well, others haven’t so.

2. Mr Silly became Mr Bump

Hubbie is “Mr Silly” and I’m “Mrs Silly”, those are our greetings for each other when we answer the phone (which can get you some odd looks if you’re standing in a checkout queue!). They could be worse.

Anyway Mr Silly fell off his ladder whilst working this week, fortunately he was at about waist height otherwise it could have been worse.  He’s sporting a rather fetching Frankenstein-style gash to his head and is a tad bruised, but okay.  
It’s a shame he didn’t evolve into Mr Bounce as he landed but there you go.  He’s okay, that’s the main thing.

3.  Yummy!

And today was okay too.  Mr Silly and I had our “works do”, a rather nice lunch in a country pub.  The food was extremely tasty and rather huge in its portion size, so huge that we had a doggy bag for the pudding and some of the main.  

Much as we love the children, it was nice to have some “us” time, to chat, debate and have a giggle about various things. 

4.  It’s a wrap

Or not.  I still have mine to do.  Hopefully tomorrow morning before I meet T for a coffee shop catch-up as he finishes school at lunchtime.  

It’s hard to believe we’ll be spending some of the holidays going through his options booklet with him for GCSEs, he already has very firm ideas about what he does and doesn’t want to take forward to exam level.  

It doesn’t seem that long ago (it was!) that I was in a dingy room with a careers officer advising which subjects I should opt for, all we can do as his parents is offer advice, listen to his views and keep our fingers crossed that he does well.  I’m sure he will.


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