The Other Side – Mon 28th Dec 2015

By | December 28, 2015

Well, here we are again.  Another Christmas over and 2016 to look forward to.  And I am! 

The flooding has been awful to watch on the news, it makes me very grateful for what we have and very mindful that, however much we think we know good old Mother Nature, she has a few curveballs to throw around.

The last few days have gone by very quickly and I imposed a social media withdrawal on myself as I was late to the Downton Abbey finale.  All the loose ends in the storylines were nicely tied up (no spoilers) and it was worth the extra couple of days or so wait to catch up.

On the whole, we’ve had a good time.  Nothing gets taken for granted in our house and the varying issues that autism can present have played their part.

That Christmas dinner that D was so looking forward to? Anxieties overcame her because ours didn’t look like the bits she’d tried of the Christmas school dinner.  Which was a shame.  It happens.  We reassure and move on.


And then there was visiting.  T is very good at piping up “that’s an awkward silence” if there is a lull in conversation.  He’s done it before and will no doubt do it again.  Explanations that it wasn’t an ackward one but a comfortable one after a natural end to one topic of conservation don’t cut it with him.  Both our children have an inability to understand social skills (especially when it comes to interrupting) and those natural breaks of conversation which occur,  these (the lack of) are becoming more apparent as they get older.  It’s these which need some guidance as T hopefully will progress towards some degree of independence as he gets older.  Any tips?

But it hasn’t all been drat and double-drat moments.  Both seemed to appreciate their presents and they did have some degree of watching whilst others opened theirs.  D’s were mainly Frozen-focussed, whilst T’s were stats and books.  D’s favourite presents – as she’s just told me – where a teeny tiny starfish in a necklace (a little stocking filler from a local shop) and her Minecraft secrets and cheats annual.  T’s, his new football shirt.

One thing D has been missing is Glitter (our Elf on the shelf).  I’ve been racking my brain trying to think of some sort of all year alternative but then the thought of finding a new place every morning for eleven months doesn’t entice me! Here’s what Glitter left us:

Normality of some degree returns tomorrow as Hubbie heads back to work and then there’s the pantomime to look forward to on Thursday, starting Justin Fletcher (Mr Tumble).  It’s a “relaxed” performance so I’m hoping D enjoys it as much as she has previously (and Mr Tumble is always worth a giggle). After we’ve negotiated a bus journey and a bit of a walk through the town centre, I hope we’ll be “relaxed” for it.

How’s yours been? Lovely,  I hope Jx 

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