The Box – Weds 30th Dec 2015

By | December 30, 2015

Today has been all about The Box.  Or lack of one.

D wanted a box today, one she could paint on and store her treasures in.  She loves to do this.  Little bits and pieces of paper, strands of ribbon, glittery shapes and (very popular at this time of year) chocolate coin wrappers.  They all get squirreled away, ready to be admired and counted at a later date.

She has loads of boxes – a wooden one with butterflies on, various plastic boxes and crates, little tin boxes that probably came with Easter eggs – tons of them, we anticipated her love of boxes (and filling them) and one of her Christmas presents was a Frozen treasure chest style box.  Ideal we thought.  “Killing two birds with one stone” as the saying goes.

Nope.   The Frozen one didn’t fit in with her plans.  Nor did the various boxes for foodie goodies that we still have around too.  They were all too flat or the wrong size.  Any potentially more suitable ones have been dismantled and are outside getting wet, in our recycling crates.  Oops.

It’s been a little frustrating today that D’s been fixated with something we just can’t deliver and not willing to consider or accept alternatives.  

There’s been tears from her, which impacts on us all, sadly.  And over something which might seem minor to us, but is a big deal to D.

We have a trip to the pantomime tomorrow, I’m hoping she’ll be more relaxed for it.  Today she definitely wouldn’t have been and those anxieties (around the box) would have somersaulted and snowballed, I doubt she’d have gone into the building, despite the fact she’s very much looking forward to it.  We’ll see.


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