Sing A Song – Weds 16th Dec 2015

By | December 16, 2015

Another day closer to the end of term and more timetable changes for D, fantastically though she coped very well.

This afternoon saw the school choir heading to an OAP day centre to sing Christmas carols.  D loves to sing and so this change was a welcomed one.  She did say that one of the OAP  looked a bit worried when the music teacher started stomping but it was all part of the song! 

She sings at home in the bath, whilst drawing and sometimes during Minecrafting.  I’m so pleased that she gets pleasure from music, even if at times it’s the same song over and over (and over) again.  Her current favourite is “Holding Out For A Hero”, it could be worse!

She’s done well today, what with the choir trip and then after-school badminton.  One tired but happy girl.

I forgot to include Glitter yesterday, here she was, snuggled up with the nativity Russian dolls:

Today she seemed to have dived headfirst into a cracker with chocolates in it!

She was just about still able to peek out and keep an eye on proceedings, 8 days more of hidey-hole places to go! 

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