Queue! – Weds 23rd Dec 2015

By | December 23, 2015

Well, we joined the masses this morning, collecting our fresh turkey – which D is so, so excited about.  So are we, it will be fantastic to have nearly all of us eating Christmas dinner this year, the image below describes us in previous years perfectly:


This year it will be T who has the chicken dippers, the only type of meat and hot food he’ll eat, due to his varied sensory issues.  Hopefully one day he’ll look at the other plates and have a try.  No pressure though.

Anyway, back to this morning.  The queues were huge, stretching to the back of the store and then down the middle to the entrance.  Daft because the shop had a fantastic system for collecting your orders and then ….you join the never-ending queue.  

We sang in the queue.  One of our “things” at the moment is to sing “our favourite things” to the Sound of Music song.  D’s included apples, bananas and Bunny! 

We played I-spy.  D had cuddles and snuggles and so wanted to bolt, you could see it in her face.  We pointed out strangely wonderful looking goodies in other aisles as we moved slowly closer.  

Eventually we were there.  Phew.  A bolt saved until when we got in and a lot of recovering needed for D.  She did exceptionally well and yes, she’ll have her turkey dinner that she’s so looking forward to.  

Glitter, in her penultimate day with us, choose to land on the table decoration that D made at school:

D was slightly concerned about this as the holly is prickly but we deduced that Glitter’s scarf/wrap must be protecting her.  

One more day for Glitter, I hope she finds an excellent place for the morning.

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