Pom tiddley Pom – Sat 5th Dec 2015

By | December 5, 2015

Here’s what we’ve been doing today, making Pom Poms in various sizes for a soft throw game over Christmas (and it will no doubt start way before then).

D really enjoyed playing a “throw the snowballs” (Pom Poms) game through a cardboard snowman last week at her school fair and we’ve had a go at replicating it as she enjoyed it, it’s good for hand-eye co-ordination and the balls are soft (yay!) which should mean minimal upset – if things do get competitive.

The snowman will be a cardboard Olaf, which arrived today and, as long as D allows me to make circular targets in his tummy and neck area, we’ll be good to go.

We have previously made a lot of Pom Poms and D found the looping through a hole quite challenging and time consuming, so I bought this:

Cheap as chips on eBay and really easy to use.  There are no sharp edges or points when putting together or dis-assembling following completing one and D enjoyed making some, they are so much quicker to produce than the traditional cardboard circles method.

Strictly speaking our snowballs aren’t snow colour, but she enjoyed choosing rhe colours from my wool stash, there were some fluffy textures too, which appealed.

I forgot to include a picture of Glitter yesterday, she hung out on the lights:

Today she was propped up by our wooden hand thingy, it’s only the 5th and, until the tree goes up, I’m finding it tricky to choose places not chosen last year:

In between times, she has had some tears but, with all the timetable changes at school and the inevitable tiredness that takes hold as end of term looms, it wasn’t surprising. 

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