Hurrah! Fri 18th Dec 2015

By | December 18, 2015

Yay, can you hear that at the back? Yay, for the end of term! 

Both T’s first term in year 8 and D’s in secondary haven’t been without incidents. Some kind-of expected, some definitely not so.  Maybe I’ll blog them out at some point, anyway…

It’s no surprise that the end of term has featured on both our children’s “best bits of the week”,  D – who had anxieties going into school today because she’d have to give out her little gifts for the teachers – had no “worst bits” nor did T, who met me for an pre-D coffee shop drink in a totally overwhelming and noisy atmosphere, he lasted about 1/2 hour.  They’re both very much focussed in the “here and now”.

Where’s Glitter been the last couple of days?

Yesterday she was on the desk, draped around the “A” of our bookends, which I don’t use as bookends coz I like them as they are:


And today she was poking out of our duck tape tower (very good for covering T’s school books).  D thought this was a very clever position and that Glitter was using it to spy on everyone.  The “Where’s Wally” is T’s advent calendar btw:

Hopefully these two weeks will give T and D a chance to wind down (as opposed to winding each other up.  It happens very quickly like a switch flicking) and enjoy Christmas our way.  Meal changes, routines and all.

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