After School Sighs – Weds 2nd Dec 2015

By | December 2, 2015

Isn’t nature wonderful? 

This was the sunset as I went into D’s school to collect her from after school badminton.  She enjoys participating in the gentler not-so-much contact sport, much more preferable to football where she gets alarmed at people rushing in her direction.

The downside to that sunset is that when we came out – after being late yesterday, I made sure I was super early – it was getting dark quickly.  The street lights were shining, the cars had their headlights on and this didn’t make D happy.

Despite the fact she knew it was only a 15 minute or so (faster if there’s anxieties, slower if there’s grumbles) in D’s mindset it was dark, therefore we would be missing tea and it would soon be time for bed.

This lead to a slower walk home with refusals and grumbles – which didn’t help either!

I’m so glad she wants to do a sport after school once a week, she’s familiar with the teachers, knows the other children and the fact that it’s exercise is another benefit.  However, the fact she can’t seem to dispel the thinking that it’s dark so it must be time for bed, causes her angst, which takes a long time to work through.

Angst of a different kind for T, who isn’t having a particularly great week at school.  He seems to be having a clash of personalities with one of his core subject teachers and suggesting to him “turn the other cheek, respect her and she may respect you” just isn’t cutting it. Tricky eh? Again, I’m not sure that, because he’s so good at masking his emotions during the day, they take into account his high functioning autism.  He’ll still definitely in the right school for him though, we just have to ride it out.

And Glitter?  Well she landed on top of the speaker today on our desk.  Happily sitting there, legs dangling whilst I worked.  I wonder where she’ll end up tomorrow ?!?

(For the eagle-eyed amongst you, yes, that is Jose Mourinho on the coaster)


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