Toons – Sun 22nd Nov 2015

By | November 22, 2015

Brrr! With the recent (and not unseasonal) chilly weather, it really feels like Christmas is on the way.

Last Monday, in a bid to avoid D seeing (and worrying about) the atrocities in Paris, I’d switched over to a music channel.  Christmas music was playing and D said “Christmas? It’s not Christmas yet, this all seems a bit too early!”

She’s right from her viewpoint, Christmas to her is the school trip (they’re going Snow Tubing!), parties, the Elf on the Shelf, decorations and then the day itself.  

From a parental viewpoint, it’s obviously a tad more (!) but it’s so good to hear her get excited abut the Snow Tubing (she is, very!) and looking forward to Christmas day, because she didn’t for years.  She didn’t understand it was anything other then just another day. Albeit with lovely looking wrapping paper that she much preferred to anything inside.

That’s in the past, onto today and it was time to bring out the Christmas cd, in particular this image of a cheese-fest of a song, which always gets D dancing.  And she did!


Out of earshot of T though, because he just does not like music.  At all.  I wish he did, it would give us something to talk about.  Different strokes for different folks (as it where).

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