This week’s #WOTW and #R2BC – 12/11/15

Sometimes I rack my little brain cells for much of a Thursday, thinking of a word to sum up our week. 

I metaphorically head up and down that emotional roller coaster revisiting the anxieties and meltdowns that my children encounter and attempt to find some positives.

This week is easy-peasy lemon-squeezey, because we are:


Happy! I could start humming that song from “Despicable Me”, in fact I might as I divulge the reasons why:

1.  Our happy girl

D is a happier, calmer, more relaxed girl now that the “bully” situation has been sorted out.  She’s no longer picking herself apart with worry and it’s lovely to see our girl waving at the top of the stairs to her classroom corridor looking happy.

There’s still “moments” of course, her injection this morning was painful for her and for me, as she gripped and pinched my arms tightly as that needle went in.  But, we mustn’t dwell, she has it for a reason and it’s all over (relatively) quickly.

2.  Busy, busy times

I am really enjoying my Comms and Events work this week.  I’m feeling valued and appreciated and that my suggestions and views are being taken into account.

Sometimes my brain rushes ahead of me and I think “ooh, that would be good if we did…” and have to make myself rein it in a bit.  

Hubbie has a full workbook too, which is handy for the time of year.

3.  Me and my hair

I’m so glad I had a bit of a pamper last week.  I love my new look hair and the confidence it’s given me.  I was walking back from the gym in the picture above, hence the flushed cheeks and chesticle area.  The fact I’ve been getting to the gym makes me happy (and sweaty) too.

4.  Roll up, roll up

And we went to the circus last Friday, an annual SN-friendly event.  It was wonderful.  I’m such a scaredy-cat when it comes to heights so am in awe when I see this:

There is someone high up inside that snowglobe in the middle picture!

5.  Our Teen T

He might be a fully-fledged teen now but he’s still not too old for a rare cuddle, as demonstrated today.  So proud of him with all the challenges that year 8 is bringing.

Happy here then, how’s yours been? 

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  1. Well that is a fabulous word to sum up your week with! Great that the kids are doing so well and things are good for you and your work (and hair), too! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

  2. Happy is a wonderful word to sum up your week – I know what you mean about having to think hard to find the right word sometimes! So glad that things are much better for D now that the bullies have been sorted out and that you have been enjoying having a cuddle with T too. The circus looks amazing 🙂

  3. Happy is such a wonderful word of the week… I think it’s fantastic that the whole bully situation has been resolved and that D is much happier now!xx #WotW

  4. It’s nice when a week can be summed up as a happy one. So nice that your daughter is no longer being bullied and I hope it stays that way. A gym flush and your new hair becomes you. Hope next week is a good one too.