Remembrance – Weds 11th Nov 2015

By | November 11, 2015

A day for thinking, for feeling grateful that we live in a civilised society.  

That, after watching the remembrance ceremony around the memorial, we’re free to walk around, to not worry that something may fall from the sky, that we’re not going to be persecuted for our faith.

The memorial is just over a year old in our village, previously remembrance would take place by the overhead clock in the shopping centre and “The Last Post” would ring out in front of the opticians and a Greggs (!).

Today, I unexpectedly saw D there.  She’d walked up with her class, standing alongside other pupils from the other local schools.  Another achievement for her.  

The pupils and onlookers all stood silent for those two minutes and beyond that as local dignitaries and representatives from every school laid a wreath.

My grandparents didn’t want to talk about WW2, living with the fear of bombings, of whether husbands, brothers and fathers would come home, it must have been a terrifying time.  I remember them saying that they didn’t like the sound of fireworks as it reminded them of air raids.  

We, collectively, are so lucky not to know the despair of conflict.  Events that happened over 70 years ago might seem inconceivable to those going through school now, but it’s not that long ago really.

For the sake of those who made that ultimate sacrifice, it’s important that we don’t forget.  That we remember and honour.  That this carries on being reinforced in schools.


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tracey (mummyshire) on 11th November 2015 at 10:16 pm.

So true and such a thoughtful post. I was in London today and when I heard Big Ben and the whole city fell silent, it was so poignant and very emotional, and I was pleased to hear that this time was also marked at our school. It’s important for our children to understand and continue to honour all the sacrifices made


Jeannette on 21st November 2015 at 12:45 pm.

It definitely is, especially as those generations will inevitably die out and there won’t be those first hand memories any more x


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