Playing The Game – Sun 29th Nov 2015

By | November 29, 2015

The above (M&S branded) was one of my finds at D’s school fair yesterday.  It always makes me chuckle that we donate to the fair after a de-clutter and then attend and buy a bit more!

This looked good though, it hadn’t been used and I thought it would appeal to the competitive members of the husband *coughs…yours truly, T and Hubbie*.  Also anything that encourages turn-taking, a bit of quick-thinking and a few smiles also gets a thumbs up from me.

Taking turns doesn’t always go fantastically well when you chuck autism into the mix, especially if there’s some varied intellectual minds playing.

This looked interesting, as the questions could be tailored and there was a competive element in that the person asking the question (eg. How many flowers can you name?) has to guess how many the other person can answer, the sand timer gets turned and, if they answer less, the questioner gets the points, answers over and above and the one answering gets them.

Surprisingly and wonderfully, it was a lot of fun.  We didn’t bother with the points scoring, just estimating the answers and off we went.

D joined in with the “how many recognisable fruits and veg (and then animals) can you draw”, obviously anticipated numbers scaled down and she really enjoyed it!  

Can you recognise what she drew?


T – who I thought would love it – elected not to join in, apart from one or two, but still laughed away at some of the answers and the “family fortunes style” noises made when time ran out.  

I’ve no idea how long this had been in someone’s cupboard, but for £2 for this, a faux pearl necklace (which D loves because she thinks mermaids collected the pearls) and a motivational coaster/plaque thingy, it was money very well spent.

A great way to spend Sunday with D even saying over tea how much she enjoyed it – which considering the turn-taking and the “timer is going to run out” element is a massive bonus.  I might see if I can find one of those “ding” counter bells too, to signal the end of the game. 

We’ve had so many times when “play” at games got abandoned because one of them got uber-competitive or fed up that one person was winning, that this little game (which could be played on the move as it’s cards and a tiny timer) was a definite winner.  Just goes to show that one person’s decluttering is just right for another.

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