Mog’s Christmas Calamity – Bookworm Wednesday 

By | November 18, 2015

Have you seen the Sainsburys Christmas advert yet?  We love it, as I’m sure many do.

It features Mog and her family this year and there is a bit of a Mog-related disaster but all is well in the end.

We’ve always loved Mog books here, they’ve helped explain vets visits to D (with Mog and the V.E.T.), and in Goodbye Mog they’ve assisted with the loss of family pets.  So, the Sainsburys advert has been very well received, I have to admit that it’s my favourite so far and there’s still a few weeks until December 25th.

Sainsburys have released a tie-in book, with the wonderful illustrations familiar to Mog fans:

It’s £3 and at least £2 from every sale will go to Save The Children to improve child literacy in the UK.  Isn’t that great, a Christmas advert with a charitable purpose and, in the age of gadgets and tablets, anything that encourages a child to pick up a book, is a winner with me.

There is also a cuddly Mog soft toy available, maybe.  I say “maybe” because it’s selling out fast and I haven’t been able to buy one.  Grab one if you see one in-store because, apart from sellers wishing to make vast profits on eBay, it’s not readily available.

Enjoy the book though, it’s a lovely little read and with the charitable element, it’s a good idea for a stocking filler.

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