It Made A Change – Mon 9th Nov 2015

By | November 9, 2015

… That this morning there were no anxieties, no worries and no grumpy moments – well not from D anyway.

There hasn’t been a Monday morning – during term time – like that for a long time.  

This time last week, D had been off school as she’d scratched and pulled at her arm, so much so that it needed a day of TLC.  She’d done that because she’d been so anxious about heading into school, being in the playground with the “bullies” (her word for them).

Because of her inability to tell them to just go away or stop it, they got to her big-time and it all had its repercussions.

Thankfully after intervention from both their teacher and me, they’ve stopped and are leaving her alone.  Whether they stay this way, remains to be seen.

But anyway, D was happy, comfortable to be heading into school, at ease with herself.
Like the title suggests, it made a change for our walk to school to be so angst-free and for D’s cheery little wave from the top of the stairs as she headed off to her classroom.  

A change for me to walk away knowing that she was okay, that I wouldn’t have to worry about the play times and lunch time.  

Those unstructured but supervised occasions that have caused so much worry for her.

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