Healing – Sat 7th Nov 2015

By | November 7, 2015

I’m uber-proud of D today.  We’ve had time to gently talk about how her week has gone and – guess what? – the “bullies” have stopped taunting her.

Whether it’s the fact I “had a word” with them or whether it’s because they’ve also been told by their teacher that their actions – if they continued – would have consequences, I don’t know.  My main concern was for D and her friends, that the bullying of them would stop.  It seems to have.

D’s arm – which was red raw by this time last week, from her scratching and picking at it due to her anxieties about returning to school – is healing.  The horrible open redness has gone and it’s now mending from the inside out, new skin replacing the old, itching, damaged skin.

It gave us a chance to talk about (well, mostly on my part) her arm and her skin, to show how much healthier it looked now that she wasn’t picking at it and scratching it, she realised that she wasn’t doing that anymore because the “bullies” have stopped.

She said it “looks like camouflage” and it does a bit.

Whether there will be a scar (or series of scars as she was targeting three places on her forearm) I’m not sure.  Instinctively I think there might be on the larger area, which is a shame.  She might forget why it’s there but I doubt I will.  It shouldn’t have been allowed to happen, I’m just glad it’s stopped towards D and her friends.

It’s been good to see her smiling, there’ve been plenty of those as last night’s trip to the Circus has provided plenty of conversation prompts and happy memories for her.


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