Back to it (?) – Sun 1st Nov 2015

By | November 1, 2015

Well, the school bags are packed and there hasn’t been much enthusiasm on the return to school tomorrow, for both either T or D today.

This last week has been a much-needed chance for T to relax a bit, after a busy half term in year 8, combine that with playing in a new football team and he’s been really quite agitated at times.

For D, it’s been a bit of a cuddle-fest, she does like her cuddles. 

I must admit – football event aside – there were times when I was craving a bit of “outside” beyond the garden but with both of them having stranger anxieties and the fact they would undoubtedly take any angst out on each other, it was very much a week guided by them – after all it was their half term break.  The couple of times D and I were out and about around people, she got very distressed very quickly.

I’m wondering if something else is causing angst now though.  She has a tendency to pinch herself and scratch and scratch and she’s got a few major sores on one arm (which explains why she choose her own clothes today).  She can’t tell me how or why, so it’s clean, dressed and bandaged up (as she has a plaster allergy).

I don’t know if it’s a past incident that causing her to worry or a future one (back to school and her nemesis maybe?), she can’t or won’t say. 

To be revisited in the morning, when – dependent on how these sores look – I’ll decide whether she heads back or not.  The last thing I want (or she needs) is for anxieties to rise to the surface, she withholds them and takes it out on her arm all day.

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