All The Fun Of The Fair – Sat 28th Nov 2015

By | November 28, 2015

As the title suggests, we were at a fair today, D’s school’s Christmas fair.  

It’s always enjoyable, in a very familiar setting to D and, as she was skipping along the path, she said to me “this is just like going to school at the weekend!”.  Which it was!

She had a few shy moments, primarily around seeing teachers behind trestle tables and in unfamiliar situations, but she also had fun too.  Smiling at her friends, ooh-ing and aaah-ing at the stalls which sold not only Frozen chocolate eggs (yum, she devoured that quickly to get to the goodie inside) but also the one which sold headbands and little painted treasure chests – all extremely appealing.

She was a superstar at the throwing games, she won a bracelet in the “throw a hoop on rudolph’s nose” and won 4 out of 5 times with snowflakes (pom poms) throwing them through a snowman’s tummy – something which I think we’ll replicate at home, the softness of the pom poms being very appealing to me in a let’s-not-trash-the-house-whilst-playing way! 

And there was this:

Father Christmas!

He and D had quite a chat around how many pets we have (beware the guard cat with dog aspirations, Bitsey!) and whether we have a chimney (we do) and what D would be leaving out for him (sorry FC, it would seem to be just a carrot), whether she’d been good (yes) and if she’d written her list (not quite yet).

She was very apprehensive about going in, but enjoyed it whilst we were in there.  No knee-sitting this year, she’s way too tall (fortunately).

Her presents in her little bag from FC included two glow stick bracelets (which she’s delighted about as they glow in the dark, albeit for probably just tonight) and one of those magic slate writing thingies where you can write something and then peel up the paper and it’s gone.  This may be useful for helping her to lessen her anxieties hopefully as the erasing of them is very visual.

A good day then.  For T too as he played football this morning and then went around to a team mate’s for lunch and a bit of game console play. 

No blog last night as I was at an awards ceremony.  D definitely takes after me (!) as, despite her melatonin at the usual time, she hung on and waited until I was back to tuck her in.  I always thought it was mums who did that for their children (waiting up) and not the other way around.

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