100% now out – Fri 20th Nov 2015

By | November 20, 2015


T won’t probably realise it but his 100% attendance since the start of year 7 (he’s now in year 8) was broken today.   Not that in the grand scheme of things it really matters.

He’s been off school today, a mixture of not feeling well and the most major anxieties I’ve seen in him for a while.  Our boy doesn’t cry unless he’s really, really upset/tired/anxious but he did today.  Big, big tears which wouldn’t have eased if he’d gone to school, more than likely would have got increased as he walked and then waited for the coach.  Any banter on the coach wouldn’t have been met well either.

It’s tricky, he’s at that age when hormones and a desire to start to maintain his privacy but he’s also very very good at masking his feelings.  I think school sometimes forget his autism diagnosis until the metaphorical pressure cooker that is our T blows, like I say, he’s very good at masking emotions until such a time as he can’t anymore.

It’s done him good – both physically and emotionally – to step back from the routine and have a calmer, less stressful day.  
Hopefully the weekend will see a lessening of T’s emotional and physical angst, kicking the ball about at his football game will help, it usually does.

I thought D wouldn’t be happy about heading off to school with the knowledge that her brother was at home, but she was fine, the fact that she had a flute lesson today probably helped.

Her pom-pom winter hat made an appearance today as it was a bit “Brr!”, not as much as it could be but still enough for pink noses to appear Rudolph-like on our walk.  Which led D to wonder what a good name for a female reindeer would be? Ruby? Dearie? 

Have a fab weekend 😀

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Kim Carberry on 20th November 2015 at 10:32 pm.

Aww! Bless him! I hope he is feeling better and happier soon! Have a good weekend x


Jeannette on 21st November 2015 at 12:15 pm.

Thanks, he’s had a very chilly football game (they won, yay!) so feeling much better in both ways.
Have a fab weekend too x


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