Yes (maybe) – Weds 14th Oct 2015

By | October 14, 2015

We’re used to challenges here, some can be pretty mega – like taking D into a people-filled town centre and feeling her squeeze tighten drastically on my arm as sensory issues come in abundance – others can be smaller – for example, her going upstairs to her classroom by herself when she really, really doesn’t want to – but, generally we get there.

Another has presented itself today, the prospect of a school disco, something trialed by her SN school last year for the first time in yonks.  It was popular and it gave the children a new experience, somewhere familar, where they could immerse themselves in the music without fear of points and stares.

There’s another one next week and we’ve been debating whether or not she wants to go.  For me, I think it would be a great experience for her, she enjoyed it last year and I guess it helped her that I was there too, we “boogied on down” to “Happy”, “Ghostbusters” and other tweeny-type songs.  

This year she was unsure, I guess there’s a lot to consider; she finds returning to school out of school hours a challenge (it’s that routine, home-school-home-bed), there’s the unknown quantity of who else will be there (hopefully not her nemesis) and then there’s the fact she finds children running suddenly past her alarming.  Not to mention the fact we’d be walking there and back in the dark, something that she gets concerned about because she feels we’re out “too late and its close to midnight” – hardly, it will be over by 7.30pm.

So….there’s pros and cons, aren’t there?  But, she might have been swayed a bit today.

She’s got down from class super-speedily today so another mum was chatting to her, keeping her mind off the fact I wasn’t in my usual place (which can majorly upset D, again that routine) and D now knows that one of her “boyfriends” will be there, along with his sister (who is so sweet-natured and D likes) so …. tonight, it would seem to be a “yes”, with walking along with torches (which she’ll love).

Tomorrow it may change, especially as it’s injection day for D and also Parents Evening but at the moment it’s a 


*subject to change and anxieties on the day.

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