Very – Mon 12th Oct 2015

By | October 12, 2015

We don’t usually have typical Monday morning blues here, but today they arrived.  Big time.

D woke up wishing it was still the weekend, that the weekend was six weeks long (now, that would be exhausting but nice) and that today was anything but Monday.

Her mood of gloom and doom continued all through preparations, throughout the journey to school (even though we got a lift, which she’d normally be very pleased about) and right up until we got to the doors.   Then we got to the stairs, big cuddle time and switch….it was as if she knew she needed to put on that smiley face and head up to class.  With a wave and a “bye mumma, bye dad”, she was off.

For a day to start like this wasn’t ideal and we could but hope that it would get better. She loves and needs the routine of school generally but sometimes it all gets a bit too much, especially if there’s heaps of change or excitement (thinking ahead to the run up to Christmas in particular).

A worried D came down at the end of the day, carrying a school letter.  There’s been a confirmed case of chickenpox in school and it worried her.  Fortunately both her and T have had this, within a fortnight of each other a few years ago so mega reassurance given as she didn’t really understand that she’s already had it and therefore unlikely to again.   I wonder how long she’d worried about that.

A contrast from this morning followed, with a happy, giggly and sometimes flappy D, the angst of the morning seemingly forgotten … until the next time, whether it be next Monday or tomorrow.


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