Too many – Weds 28th Oct 2015

By | October 28, 2015

I’m never sure how D’s going to be sensory-wise when we’re out.  I try and time it so that we avoid people’s lunch hours and, as mornings see the trolley brigade (who treat the shops as a bumper car track), we usually go in the early afternoon.  Sometimes it works and we have a giggly old time.  Sometimes it doesn’t.

Today was the latter.

Even the walk was challenging, with D getting scared by skateboards whizzing by on the pavement (grr) and cyclists who seem to ignore the designated cycle path on the other side of the road (double grr).

And then it was busy, “too many people” according to D, it was sensory overload time in practically every place we went – and we didn’t go to many, just the essentials because she just wasn’t coping.

We did have a moment of fun though, a stick-your-head-through-a-cut-out, fortunately in a quiet corner.  

Like a knight on a white charger (okay, a painter in overalls in a grey car), Hubbie came to our rescue with a lift home, otherwise it would have taken a while.

It didn’t stop the stress overload that D experienced at home, the come-down as she tried to recover from her sensory-filled overload.  

We walked past tweens with their friends this afternoon, out like I would at their age, looking forward to a browse in the make-up aisles and then maybe a magazine in the shop (which always led to an “ooh” when we’d find an article about “grown up stuff”!)

It saddens me that D probably won’t do that, unless it’s with me or a carer, but then she probably wouldn’t want to, “too many people” around for her.

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