Taking Notice – Fri 30th Oct 2015

By | October 30, 2015

The night before Halloween and I’m afraid it’s not something we “do” here.  Much as I’d love to.

The thought of any devilish-inspired food does not appeal to either T or D, they look at pictures of “ghoulish eyeballs” or “witches fingers” or goodness-knows-what-else, but as for trying them if we made them? No.  They both stick to what they know.

It makes me feel a bit sad that they won’t go “trick or treating” (way too many anxieties involved in that) or that we have one of the “please enjoy your night without disturbing ours” notices on the door because they’d both get anxious about all sorts of mask-covered strangers knocking on the door. 

It’s strange, Halloween seems to be one of the few times when it is okay to knock on strangers doors and obviously the only time when there’s a license to attempt to spook whoever answers, within reason of course.

We made pumpkin carvings last year and put candles in (which brought angst from D that the house would burn down) and we’ll do something low-key this year, something that both T and D feel comfortable with.  

That’s just how we roll here.  Conforming (or not) in our own little way, flexible but aware of any potentials for angst, because – like a match – you never know if “it” (the it being a metaphorical match anxiety-wise) will strike up fiercely, smoulder for a while or just not ignite.  

We did this earlier in the week, D was happy with that.  Within the daytime, nothing spooky around (it was near the fruit and veg in Waitrose) and at her own pace:

She said afterwards “I made a good little witch” and she was happy with that.  


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