Surprisingly – Fri 9th Oct 2015

By | October 9, 2015

…. there were no “worst bits” from T and D as we all had tea and did our “best, worst and funniest bits of the week”.

Despite the fact that T didn’t have a good day at all at school yesterday, despite the same for D and her being absolutely soaked due to the torrential rain earlier in the week.  Despite the fact that her old nemesis decided to call D “crybaby and chubby” today.  Despite that T isn’t playing a game tomorrow, but will be watching.

Very much in the “here and now” our two. 

Any negativity forgotten (for the moment) as we all had the same tea which (with all the sensory issues around) doesn’t happen that often.

A definite TGIF here, with T looking foward to a sleep on his new bed (it’s fab) and D hankering after a girlie day tomorrow.

It’s needed.  And I “may” have had a glass of wine to see off a really quite stressful week.

Have a fab weekend Jx 


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