Relaxed (ish)  – Sun 11th Oct 2015

By | October 11, 2015

Sunday generally brings with it a relaxed vibe.  

Well, relaxed as it can be with the fact that T won’t do his homework until a Sunday because that’s when he’s always done it, despite us telling him that homework will undoubtedly increase as he goes through school and it would be better if he got into the habit of doing a bit every night.  A mixture of not deferring from his routine and stubbornness.   Yes, he’s got that from me…

It also brings reading aloud with D, which is always lovely to hear as we weren’t sure if she would read.  There were no expectations given.  She didn’t ever used to want to sound unfamiliar words out, prefering instead to memorise them but she’s had a good go today with pages from “James and the Giant Peach”.

We always aim to stick to their routines to try and ensure a settled day.   Our kind of “cinema” (popcorn in bowls and Despicable Me on DVD) helped.

And then Hubbie had the news that his dad’s in hospital again, a week and a half after his last visit.  It’s a worry and hence the short blog.   Fingers crossed that the latest stay is straight foward Jx


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