Our message for the Voyager Probes

By | October 31, 2015

There’s been a lot of news articles and columns devoted to the Voyager probes recently and the fact that previous messages destined for extra terrestrial life are now 40 or so years old.

It’s got me thinking about what, in 7 tweets (ish) worth of text, would I want to put into a capsule? To tell someone who had no knowledge of us about firstly us as a family and then the wider “us”, life on this planet?

Starting with us, as a family:

1. My children have autism, they always will, I hope they’ll continue to develop ways to cope with this life-long disability.

2. I will always be learning from them about this, I never want to stop learning, nor to stop trying to get awareness and acceptance out there.

3. First impressions are so important, non verbal body language says so much.  Initial perceptions stay with you, try not to judge, look beyond what you’re initially thinking.

4. But, smile.  A smile says you’re approachable, can be talked to.  I love the “smile til your face hurts” saying – do it appropriately though.

5. Try and face your fears.  I kicked a huge phobia into touch this year and, apart from having my children and meeting Hubbie, it was the best thing I’ve ever done.  Ever.

6.  Don’t go to sleep on an argument.  Not only do you fall asleep grumpy, invariably you’ll wake up feeling worse.  

7.  There is always time for hugs.  No matter how busy life is.  Hugs don’t cost anything but can mean so much.  Virtual hugs are good too.

And what would I say about our planet?

1.  It’s beautiful.  Mother Nature can be cruel but slow down, look at the colours in the trees and the stunning animals.  Artificial colours just can’t compete.

2.  Too many wars and conflicts are over religion and how one group may feel about another and their beliefs/skin colour/gender/social standing etc.  Live and let live.

3.  There’s a lot of technology around, it’s wonderful but sometimes it’s good to take a break, to relax and appreciate the little things around (and I don’t mean a phone screen).

4.  Tell those that you love, that you do because, life is short.  Too short sometimes if message 2 above gets a hold of how others are thinking.

5.  Is there really a parallel universe? Has someone, somewhere else just typed this too? What’s out there? 

6.  Be the best you can be for you, no one else, just you.  

What would you add in? I could add in that duck face pouts just look strange to me and that I don’t really function without a decent cup of coffee but if an alien life form really wanted to find out about Earth, I think that would be way down on their list.


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