Oh Blimey – Sun 25th Oct 2015

By | October 25, 2015

See that date? Two months until Christmas! Yep, I’ve said the “C” word.

That would usually be enough to start sending me into a flat spin but …. it’s also a reminder that it’s T’s birthday in 10 days.  Ten days until he officially becomes a teenager, although the tween in him has been a pre cursor of what is yet to come.

He was very clear what he would like for his birthday – one of those Segway (or whatever they’re called) boards, until he found out that they were illegal to ride on pavements and now he’s very much “I definitely don’t want one.  Which is a shame because I quite fancied having a go (and no doubt falling off) so we’re back to square one.

The local charity shops/school fairs have done very well over the years what with toys that didn’t get played with, both T and D would express an interest and we’d think “yippee, something that they’d like to play with, something that may help with imaginative play”.  Get it.  It’s unwrapped, out of the box and then left.  For reasons now which they can tell me about, the toy was too hard to the touch or it was too noisy.  All sensory-related before you get to the fact that playing requires a certain amount of imagination, of role play.

Nowadays I fall back on pens and paper, books (thankfully they both love books), clothes and, for T anyway, football related bits.

Today (as it’s been a much better day – phew!), I thought I’d ask T what he’d like for his birthday.  He came up with:

FIFA 2016 (an annual present and something he likes to play within the season that it’s set.  Squads are formulated, league tables created and stacks of paper is used as he compiles list after list) – so that’s a given.  *tick*

And then he surprised us with:

School shoes (he’s practical) and gloves (again, practical) – both necessary but hardly have the “wow” factor, do they?

So, I’m no further really.  What I imagine he’d really love is a trip to the CFC megastore and a chance to pick and choose a few bits.  He’d love it – but only if it wasn’t busy and he could click his fingers and was home immediately, no underground, no trains, no strangers.  Any joy at him going would evaporate during the journey home.  Tricky isn’t it?  Maybe a browse online? But that’s not quite the same.

A case of “watch this space” I guess but at least the dark clouds of gloom from yesterday seem to have passed, for today anyway.

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tracey (mummyshire) on 27th October 2015 at 1:45 pm.

Yes, time is just flying by isn’t it. I was trying not to think about Christmas until after Halloween but it just seems impossible from a planning point of view!
Well, at least you have a few places to start with regards to presents…better than nowhere!! And how very pracitical!


Jeannette on 21st November 2015 at 2:06 pm.

He can be very practical, my T, bless him x


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