Jibby Jabby time – Tues 13th Oct 2015

By | October 13, 2015

“Jibby Jabby” is our name for injections here, I’m sure D’s monthly ones feel more Jabby than a light-hearted Jibby though.

According to screamed headlines in the tabloids and (old wives tale here) the amount of berries on holly bushes, we are in for a bitter, long lasting winter.  I know a lot of it is probably sensationalism but, with the cold weather, comes the risk of colds and flu and if you’re a carer, you’ll want to keep as healthy as possible for those you care for.  I know I do.

In the UK, flu injections are offered free to individuals with a disability, certain illnesses and carers, the doctors surgeries offer specific walk-in clinics (but run out of stock quickly) or chemists will offer the service too – for those who are exempt from paying and those who do.

This year, there are two types of innoculations, a nasal spray for children and an injection (Jibby Jabby) for adults.  Today it was my turn, a check as to my eligibility, a questionnaire and then in went that needle. It was very quick and apart from some soreness and swelling around the area (typical reaction) it should hopefully cover me for the next few months.

I was chatting to D about the injection today, telling her how quick and easy it was because I stayed still and wondered if she’d connect what I was saying with her injections.  She didn’t.  I did say that maybe it would have been more difficult if I’d run around and tried to hit the nurse (unfortunately a standard D reaction, except she’ll aim for me) and D replied that she thought smaller children may do that, but she didn’t connect it to herself at all.

I had hoped she would.  With every injection she has, she’s getting stronger and attempting to be more resistant.  

For more information on this year’s flu inoculations click here.


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