Hurrah – Fri 16th Oct 2015

By | October 16, 2015

… that it’s Friday, anyone agree with me?


We are counting down to half term here, now a week to go.  The early starts and stacks of homework are really starting to tell on poor T, which has a knock-on effect on the rest of the household, especially as there have been traffic snarl-ups all week leading to his school, making for a “with they, won’t they” get there on time in their school coach.

There didn’t seem to be any “worst bits” from the two of them at tea time, which again reminds us that, at times, they are very much in the “here and now”, other times the anxieties almost over-power them.  Very dehabilitating for them.

T has a football game tomorrow and I’m hoping that D will agree to go along and watch (albeit in her tent away from the hustle and bustle).  

If she doesn’t want to, it will be a shame but I hope she will.  T seems to like it when I’m there, he hasn’t reached the “gawd, my parents are SO embarrassing stage” yet, maybe he won’t. 

I can’t see D getting to that, mind you, with her total lack of road sense and zero sense of danger, she’ll be putting up with me walking next to her for a good while yet. 

We shall see what tomorrow brings. Jx 


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