Confidence – Thurs 15th Oct 2015

By | October 15, 2015

It was D’s parents evening today and a chance to go through her individual targets for the school year.

As ever (and we’re very proud of this) D was described as a lovely girl and generally smiley.  And she is, when she’s happy it’s like the sun coming out after a storm, her smile is very infectious, as well as her enthusiasm.

She’s starting to sound words out phonetically, both for reading and in spelling and this is a-maze-ing (see what I did there, phonetically?) because she never used to be able to read in the traditional phonetic way, she preferred to memorise words.   She loves to read which I’m so pleased about because books can really open up a new world – whether educational or imaginatively.

D has never been a “coeee, I’m here!” Jazz hands type of person (nor am I) and her objectives are all based around confidence, to do with speaking out about things that bother her, imaginative play with her peers and accepting unexpected changes.

Some people are more introvert than others, it’s what makes us all unique.  I know a world of “eyes and teeth, eyes and teeth” constantly performing individuals would unnerve me.  I don’t want D to be like that, just more confident about speaking up when, for example, her nemesis calls her “ugly” and “chubby”.  One of her (boy) friends has no trouble with telling afore-mentioned nemesis to “Stop It” and in a tone that definitely meant business.  I think if D could do that, just once, it would halt anything in the future but she’s not confident enough and worries about being told off for answering back.

Her lack of confidence has been evident all through school.  It’s not a matter of zero attention at home, far from it, she will always know that we’re there, rooting for her, praising those things we never thought she’d achieve (reading, writing etc).

But this contrasts with the fact that she will sing in front of a room of people at school and she’s speaking in assembly tomorrow.  Because I assume she knows its planned, that she’s known about it in advance.  Unlike I guess being called insults in the playground or last week, when she couldn’t find her coat in school and didn’t want to ask anyone to help her.

Will her confidence grow? About these situations she has no control over? I don’t know.  Are we proud of her? You betcha!


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