Worried – Thurs 10th Sept 2015

By | September 10, 2015

Today has been a day when D’s worries have overflowed.  Big time.

Unusually for her, there hasn’t been a “fragile morning -v- good afternoon”, it’s been continuous.  Poor thing, she was understandably tired tonight.

This morning’s worries were about which lessons she’d be having (as there isn’t a timetable yet) and that she didn’t want to go up to class by herself.  Well, I could do something about the second worry and I’ve requested a few times a timetable.

Fast forward to this afternoon and I was met with a pale D coming down the stairs with her teacher.   They’d had football PE last lesson and she doesn’t really enjoy the fast paced contact at all (unlike her brother) and then the class was late heading back to class to change, so she was worried that I wouldn’t have waited, that I’d have gone.  An unlikely scenario but D does tend to build things up and up in her mind and, as they were going back to their class, other children from other classes were leaving to go home, so she knew by that that they were late.

Poor D, she started crying as soon as she saw me and this continued all the way home.  I even thought it was raining at one point, but it was her tears falling onto my feet.  A walk (until Hubbie went past and gave us a lift) accompanied by tears (from D), cuddles (from me to her) and stern glares from T, because he just wanted to get home.

So, bearing this in mind, I think the singing after school club is a much better option than the golf – also bearing in mind the later finish for her and I know it’s not yet, but she gets anxious that she’s missed tea and b e d time when she’s coming out of school to twilight.

But it’s not all bad, it’s Friday tomorrow, with a trampolining party followed by pizza, hopefully chit-chat about that will get us through the walk to school tomorrow (fingers crossed).

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