Unity – 17th Sept 2015 #WOTW #R2BC

By | September 17, 2015

You know me, I’m always trying to err on the side of positivity but I’ve found this week hard.  Flipping hard.

The challenges this week have been:

Hubbie’s dad has whizzed in and out of hospital again.  The initial symptoms are still there and he’s (FIL) frail.  Further investigations early next week might bring some diagnoses.  Google is no help at times like this, apart from scaring you silly.

Poor old D.  Injection time yesterday and it will awful, she gets stronger with every passing month and can put up quite a fight (she did).

It’s been difficult to think of a word to sum up the week, sometimes it’s easier, this week wasn’t, but anyway it’s:


Unity because (the R2BC bit):

We are very familiar with anxiety here, it can sweep over D and engulf her in a metaphorical cloud of fear, sometimes it’s apparent it’s on the way, sometimes it creeps up behind her and covers her.  But it’s always around, either ticking away beneath the surface or announcing itself (eg during injection time).

I’ve started a six week course on “Understanding and Managing Anxiety” within D’s school, it’s interesting.  It’s also a chance to talk to other parents who have the same referee/juggling act of balancing emotions with two very different but similar autistic children.  It will benefit our family.   And…instead of cowering and thinking “flipping heck, everyone will stare at me” when we did the introductions and what we hoped to gain from the course, I smiled and said my bit and I was first!  

I’ve also been a busy little bee with Comms and Events work for T’s football club.  It’s voluntary but time-consuming , it’s been a steep learning curve and I’m getting to know contacts and where a request best fits quickly.  It’s interesting too.  Shame I’m not paid in mochas! 

T will play a game this weekend, there’ve been friendlies but this will be his first competitive match of the season.  He’s looking forward to it and enjoyed training tonight, which is brilliant after all the changes in the summer.

D has had an up and down week (still no timetable), she has a hospital appointment tomorrow and then we’ll have a girlie lunch.  I’m looking forward to the latter and so is she.

My head feels like it’s spinning.  But it’s good to face challenges, to feel the fear (I guess), I came off my little happy pills completely a month ago and feel fine, 1000% more positive than this time last year – despite all the above.

How’s your week been? 

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