Understanding – Mon 28th Sept 2015

By | September 28, 2015

I’ve had guilty mum syndrome today, in bucket loads.  

Why? Well, D woke up with earache in one ear today.  It could be down to a number of things – it was quite breezy on the fun day field yesterday or maybe she’d slept awkwardly on it or perhaps it was a spot or something – but her temperature was fine and I concluded that she should be okay at school.  

It’s so difficult to ascertain with her any symptoms, quite often the achy bit isn’t where she originally thinks and things which you’d think would hurt, don’t and vice versa.   For example, a slight fall can cause distress for hours but other times, she’ll brush something off whilst I think “ouchie, that surely must have hurt”.

Anyway, off she poodled and I said to her “if it hurts too much, get xxx to phone me” and also wrote in her home-school diary.

Did that comment get acknowledged? No.  Was anything written about her day? No.  Maybe it’s the “no news is good news” scenario but I sometimes wonder if the diaries are even read? 

Luckily she is feeling more positive tonight but this is where, once more, that I’m so thankful she is verbal.   So grateful.

She was telling me on the way home that they’d gone into the sensory room today and heard a version of an air-raid siren.  The topic for this term is WW2.  I’m so pleased that this topic is being covered, albeit I’m sure in an extremely-watered down way.  D’s great grandparents didn’t live to meet her or T and they didn’t really want to talk about WW2 and their experiences, understandably.  It’s a part of history that may seem long ago, but for many it had far-reaching consequences.

Whenever T and I have RE or war-related discussions (which we do, he’s a bright, knowledge-seeking little man), I tell him that, in the majority of cases, it’s about what different people believe about religion and how strongly they feel they personally should act.  He understands this but it’s hard to justify acts sometimes, even from a “grown up” viewpoint.

Which leads me nicely into a Music Monday, I make no apologies for the fact it’s an Ultravox song, from their 2012 album Brilliant.

The vocal range is amazing in the chorus lines of this song, it’s a song that I will attempt to sing along to when I know no-one’s listening.  The drumming is very “tap along to” too.

“With a smile and subterfuge, you dance your savage dance

Some hidden cause you cannot justify, A lie’s a lie

Couldn’t you let it lie?

Couldn’t you let it lie?

Conscience clear and sanctified, You wash your sins away

In God’s name you start your holy war, Who’s it for?”

The last two lines are so powerful,  from a lyrical viewpoint.   

A great song with a purpose.

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