Spotty – Mon 21st Sept 2015

By | September 21, 2015

As sure as night follows day, I can never be sure how our day will pan out.  Even more so when there have been a mega amount of anxieties (for D) the night before.

There were still those pesky old anxieties lurking this morning, a fair few stomps before we left for school and a mostly silent walk to school, made all the more apparent with hoods up in rain.   Usually D links arms with me and we walk along pointing out birds/flowers/cats/random things but today she was still quiet, not wanting to talk about the day ahead.  A downcast D headed up the stairs to her class.  I hoped she’d have fun at the lunch club which was causing her so much worry – beauty club.

How would she be at the end of the day – a bolt or a beaming grin?  It turned out to be the latter, a happy D coming down the stairs, eager to show off her little spotted nails that one of the volunteers painted for her in beauty club.  


She was very pleased and relieved that the other pupil who’s attendance had worried her so much, was there but had refrained from anything.

She felt the fear and (hopefully) conquered it.  I guess we’ll find out next Sunday evening.

Oh and a rough timetable (with a few gaps) for her school week has finally come home, nearly three weeks after her return to school, a double win for the day I’d say.  Phew and all that.  

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