Prompts – Mon 7th Sept 2015

By | September 7, 2015

We rely a great deal on prompts here in the Bluecrisps household, they’re vital to ascertain how D or T’s day has gone, especially if there’s something bothering them.  An idea of the layout of their day is very useful and will aid discussions (even if they can seem very one-sided).

D’s class has job-sharing teachers, one for the first half of the week and then another for the remainder.

I was really impressed with D’s teacher on her first day back last week, not only did she come down and introduce herself to those parents who collect their children (the vast majority of children go to and from by school buses and taxis), but she also responded very quickly to a request from me to update her on the injection  fiasco and there was a quick note in the home-school diary every day.

A complete contrast today, D can’t remember the lessons she’s had today and said that her teacher told them all “you’re all old enough to tell your parents about your day so I don’t need to write in your diaries”.  

Umm, hello? What about those children in the class who have stilted speech (that’s at least half the class), those children who tend to bottle up any negative emotions from their school day until they see their parents/carers (D is a prime example) and those who simply can’t remember what they’ve been doing, unless they have a prompt.  We don’t have a timetable either so I have no idea what she’s been doing today.  

That last point is rectifiable (hopefully) but it does concern me that D seems to have two teachers with two very different approaches as far as liaison and communication goes.  I’m not expecting an essay or a paragraph, just an idea of what she’s been doing, sometimes “fine” isn’t an indicator that she is but something to open up a (no doubt) brief conversation would be useful.

That is a saying that “no news is good news” but I don’t think that that necessarily applies in an SN environment, does it?


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