Mixed – Sun 27th Sept 2015

By | September 27, 2015

Today has been unbelievably out of routine for D, big time.

No relaxing at home, but a day spent on a field in a tent/outside the tent/batting a balloon around/feeling scared because there were people around.

She was happy (because the ice cream van that sits outside her school was there), she was scared (when over-enthusiastic footballs got too close), she was cross (when it wasn’t time to go home yet) and she was anxious (when people ventured near her little “nesting” area she’d made).

T was in his element, a sporty fun day with a chance to run around and also kick a ball with his team mate to see who scored the fastest goal? Absolutely!

But there are two things I’m proudest of all:

T for walking home by himself (yes, he walks to his bus stop in the mornings but this was out of the ordinary)


D for using a public toilet.  Usually she doesn’t, not liking the smells and sounds or the fact there is a hand dryer in sight.  But today she did and as she was there from 9-4pm, it was a good job too!  There was a hand dryer in there but she sensibly stood well away from “Noisy” as she calls them.  It would have been a different matter if someone else had come in at the same time and used the dryer – there would have undoubtedly been a bolt but the fact she went in, is a pretty big achievement.

There’s definitely no place like home though, as she told me during a cuddle when we got back.


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