In One Moment – Fri 18th Sept 2015

By | September 18, 2015

… everything flashed before me today.  I had one of those heart-stopping moments when I couldn’t find D and in a busy shop too.

She hadn’t wanted to go in initially, she had a face like thunder as we went in and every step into the shop brought the threat of a bolt.  So, you can imagine my panic, when I couldn’t see her.

Every possible thought flashed through quickly:

Had she bolted? 


Had she gone outside, into a (thankfully) pedestrianised shopping area, but a people-filled one? 

Was she still in the shop? 


Who could I ask to help me? 

She wasn’t in the best of moods, would she respond to a tannoy? 

What if someone had taken her hand and led her away? 

Where? Where? Where?

People didn’t seem to notice as I raced up and down the shop calling her.  So much for community spirit.  I couldn’t see her outside, which made everything seem worse.  There weren’t any shop assistants around, was there CCTV?

And then, oh my goodness, she came into sight.   She’s seen a (guess what) Minecraft magazine and had wandered away from the masses to a quieter area of the shop, somewhere she could have a read and been so engrossed that she hadn’t heard me.   

Oh boy.   I aged a bit today.   To D though, she’d done nothing amiss, her instinct had been to get away from those strangers and find somewhere quieter.   I wish she’d not been so zoned out though, I would have saved a teensy bit of stress.

The above aside, she’s done well today.  Delays before she was seen for her hospital appointment meant that it was well past her lunchtime when we got out, not ideal, especially as the children’s clinic is right next to the restaurant – her nostrils were twitching away with all the foodie smells.

We had a girlie lunch before the shop incident.  No one is to blame, it was just one of those things.   That magazine is going on her Christmas list (sssh!).

In our usual “best, worst and funniest bits” at tea time, D mentioned our day together as a “best bit”, which it was, good to chat through things with the consultant in the clinic, nice to include D in one aspect of the chat, it was about her after all.

(The magazine that enthralled her so much)

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