Fluffy joins the posse – Sat 19th Sept 2015

By | September 19, 2015

D is a bit of a Bunny fiend, it’s no surprise. @autismbunny has been with her through anxieties, trips out and cuddles, she (AB) may have to put up with being in D’s backpack during the school day but, as soon as we’re out of that reception door, out AB springs and is tucked under D’s arm, ready for the walk home.

She’s got her autumn gear on now, which fortunately provides a bit of additional armour (for want of a better word), as AB is getting frailer and patchier with every wash.

Today, Fluffy (named by D) joined the Bunny family, which currently comprises Stripey, Spotty, Petal, Bunny’s sister and Snowy – all named by D and the names give an indication to their appearance.

That’s D and the rather lovely Stripey, who D fortunately recognises is too large to go anywhere beyond occasionally a change of room/downstairs.

And here’s Fluffy! Made from an online pattern with wool specifically chosen by D, she’s got huge feet which kind of add to the appeal.

After a rather eventful day yesterday, it was nice to chill a bit for both D and me.  T’s team won their first league game too – good news as that will help his confidence after suddenly changing teams.

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