Enclosed – Sat 26th Sept 2015

By | September 26, 2015

D encountered a familiar setting today but with a heap of new experiences.  She managed to tolerate most of it with the aid of her little pop-up tent, her little enclosure.

It managed to serve the purpose of making her feel secure, enabling her to “zone out” away from the noises of strangers, the tent seemed to prevent her from being worried about footballs flying around here, there and everywhere too.

The setting was the local field, somewhere we go to fly kites and have picnics.  Today though, it was taken over by football, pitches marked out, goals up and people, lots of people.   An opportunity for me to put names to faces in my Comms work with the local club, which was good.

And I got a chance to watch T play too, he’s growing in confidence within the new team and scored their sides only goal today.  They played on a full-size pitch so it was rather a tired T after the game!

As my (workmate and then) future sister-in-law said to me when Hubbie and I first started seeing each other “you have to like sport!”, I wouldn’t go as far as actively turning over to Sky Sports in favour of Poirot or Downton, but it’s definitely interesting.

More challenges on the way for D tomorrow, let’s hope she copes as well as today.


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