Drained – Fri 4th Sept 2015

By | September 4, 2015

I am drained, completely.   

D has only been back at school three days and T two, but the roller coaster of emotions manifesting have worn me out.  That and the medication fiasco, which has nearly reached its close.
This morning was turning into a classic up-and-down scenario, both T and D agitated.  

I hate seeing an unhappy T head off for his school bus, at least I guess he has a ten minute walk or so to clear his head before he gets on a busy, noisy bus.

D was full of anxieties, over PE next Thursday, following the lesson yesterday.   Thank goodness for the hot air balloon we saw on the way to school, it distracted her from her worries and gave us something (other than PE) to talk about.

She loved that we seemed to follow the hot air balloon and that we could intermittently see the flames going up from the basket.   Timing was brilliant too, it disappeared into the clouds just as we got to school.

And it was all change this afternoon.  An unsmiling, sullen D waiting for me, tears and extremely tight squeezes of my hands followed as soon as we were out of school grounds (she very rarely tells me what’s wrong until we’re away from school).  

She was upset and angry because she’d got down to reception before the doors opened to let parents and school transport people in and the Head thought she was heading out without waiting, so she was called back.   Not a biggie, but D was very affected and thought she’d done something very wrong because it was the Head saying it.   It made for an agitated walk home and then more angst at home because T’s plans for tomorrow include football and that reminded her of her worries about next week’s PE.

Like I said …. drained is the word.

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