Decisions – Weds 9th Sept 2015

By | September 9, 2015

Poor D has been in a bit of an anxious state today, it’s partly me (I’ve mucked up the evening routine by trying to get other things done *slaps self*), partly the fact she still doesn’t know her lessons for the next day (she’s admitted if she gets told them, she forgets) and partly a couple of notes from school.

She’s been invited to attend a couple of after school clubs, one which she always goes to and one new one (now that she’s in secondary).

One is golf, which she does enjoy, there’s no fast sporting contact involved and she does have excellent hand-eye co-ordination when it comes to tennis and golf.  The other is singing and musical theatre.   A new one for D but something which our little songbird would really enjoy, the “am dram” aspect would no doubt help her confidence too.


They’re both on the same afternoons weekly, at the same time.

At first D was quite cross, saying “don’t they realise it’s on the same day?” and then she got worried, wondering which to choose, not wanting to let anyone down or “be forced” into doing anything.

Poor D, she’s not up to deciding tonight, so I’ll have a gentle chat on the school run tomorrow – if she’s amenable.

She also worries that I’ll “go off and have fun” whilst she’s “forced to go to after school club” so there is that element too.  As if I would! 

Right now though, it’s decision time (although obviously not right now), I think she’ll veer towards the singing, she’d love it but I may be wrong.

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