Contrast – 5/6th Sept 2015

By | September 6, 2015

A smiley D this evening, but it hasn’t been plain sailing this weekend, anything but.  We’ve had the “on-off” of emotions, some lasting a while, tears and potential bolts.

Take today, we were all heading out and, just as we were going, someone arrived to collect something.   The unexpectedness of a stranger walking down the path and therefore the fact that we were delayed for a few minutes totally threw D, were it not for the fact we have picket fencing at the front, she’d have been off, trying to get away from this unanticipated delay.

And then, because our unexpected visitor was a chatty one, chatting as Hubbie and T walked out of the garden with them, she didn’t want to follow.  Didn’t want to move.   A time to gently persuade, get right down to her level and not unnerve her by raising voices (not that I do).

Off we set.  A build up of emotions culminating in tears on the bus and then more tears because she didn’t want to sit near the window “in case the window falls in”.

Contrast that with the happy, chatty girl I walked about Hobbycraft with, what an amazing shop!  It was the first time there for both of us and it won’t be the last.  D absolutely loved it, looking at the various crafts on offer and eagerly pointing out projects she’d like to try in the future.  

The staff were lovely too, smiling back at her and answering her questions.  D even felt confident enough to head off and collect a further craft item whilst I was in the queue.   The shop wasn’t busy either, which helped.

What did she choose?

It was a choice between the tile art necklaces and a crystal making set.   The necklace set triumphed because she liked the peace symbol on one tile.   Very easy instructions for her to follow and one necklace is setting, ready to no doubt be worn tomorrow.

A funny old day at the end of a funny old week.  I think we’ve made some good memories for her to chat about at school tomorrow in “News”, it was lovely to have a happy contrast following previous and quite intense anxieties.

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