Anticipation – Sun 13th Sept 2015

By | September 13, 2015

Now that D’s in the secondary part of her SN school, there is one aspect she’s been specifically looking forward to.  Something that another parent mentioned about a year and a half ago and it was stored in her brain, waiting …..just waiting.

Beauty Club! It was described to us as a lunchtime club for pupils, with a hair, nails and make up lady coming in to show the attendees how to apply nail varnish etc and style their hair if they wished.

Fantastic eh? I know that if I managed to get D through the doors of a salon, she’d be overwhelmed by not only the stranger anxiety aspect but also the noise of the hairdryers (or hair drivers as she calls them).  So, for the pupils to have someone coming into school, someone who will understand the anxieties and teach them some beauty skills sounds like great fun.

As I said, the prospect of Beauty Club has been known about for a while, something that I’ve used in discussions with D, to emphasise the positives of going into the secondary part of school.

And it’s been a welcome reminder after yesterday’s sensory overloaded time, something for her to smile about and look forward to.  And it’s happening tomorrow.  I can’t wait to hear all about it after school tomorrow – even if she still has no idea what she’ll be doing for the rest of the day, hopefully the lack of a timetable will be remedied soon.


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