A Job Lot – Weds 16th Sept 2015

By | September 16, 2015

…. of anxieties for D today.  They started way before school as today was injection day and there has to be preparation for that including numbing cream and then a dressing.  So, she is always very aware that it’s happening.

The walk to school was perpetuated with refusals, with attempts at pinching herself and then, because I’d said “squeeze my hands instead, get it out of your system”, hefty squeezes of my arms.  The kind that make you want to yelp because they hurt, but you can’t, because that would make things seem worse.

Those squeezes continued before, after and during her injection.   At one point it felt like she was going to snap my neck, she has definitely grown both in height and strength since the last one.

She was unhappy about going to class afterwards, I hated leaving my pale, fragile girl there.  Hated it but the routine is what she needs to calm and regulate herself. 

And after school musical club started today so it was a bolting D who ran away from me at home time because she “wanted to get home” but couldn’t understand the logic that if she’d met me calmly, we’d get home quicker.  

All in all, a Wednesay I’m going to be glad to see the back of, D will too.

Although I did find a workshop this morning very interesting.  The topic was “Understanding Anxiety” in autism and it’s on for the next five weeks.   I’m not the only one who sometimes feels like a referee, juggling the various emotional, intellectual and maturity levels when T and D clash, for sure.

I’m hoping I’ll be able to share some key points from the aspects of something that can be as complex as the autistic spectrum itself.


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