Woolly – Mon 17th Aug 2015

By | August 17, 2015

Today didn’t start well, in fact most of today has been pretty rubbish really.  

Once I’ve blogged it out, you’ll probably think “silly J, with her 1st World problems” and they are (’tis true) but it’s felt a bit non-stop.

Where to start …. D woke up crying today, early and upset because our noisy neighbours had woken her up.   And once D is awake that’s it, the tummy starts rumbling and things need to happen for her, it doesn’t matter if you’re still half asleep and feel like you’ll stumble down those stairs to get that breakfast, it needs to get done.

We have parental control settings on their iPads, everything goes off at a certain time and then returns the next day.  Today it didn’t.  There was nothing, nada.  It made a change not to hear Minecraft videos! Half an hour of faffing and trying to sort it and in the end, I deleted their profiles and reset and, surprise surprise it hasn’t worked this evening.

Then there was her injection (or rather not).  

Because it’s the school holidays, a nurse had been booked to do a home visit.  Only she won’t be this month because the pharmacy who is meant to take care of our repeat prescription hasn’t.  For the second month running.   I couldn’t check with them previously because they just don’t answer their phone.  The doctors confirmed they (pharmacy) hadn’t made a request since last month and there is no hope in anything (Hell or otherwise) that it can be ordered in in time for this month.  

So it won’t be happening, so there will be consequences (in that what the injection is meant to block, won’t), so all the effort and understanding for D over the last few months will be wasted and she’s going to be in pain and distressed. I had hoped after last month’s screw up that they’d be on the ball, but they’re not.  

I’ve written to their Head Office and we’ll go somewhere else in future.   I’m sure we’re not the only ones let down like this, so much for customer service and why commit if you can’t deliver?    This isn’t a strop because there’s no bread on the shelf or I can’t get a magazine, D’s monthly injections are a big deal here.

Combine all this with just day-to-day and the fact that I have felt like tearing my fragile hair out but ….. it will get to 11.59am and T will say “when’s lunch?” or 3.59pm for tea.   Their routine has to be kept to.

I won’t deny that some chocolate buttons got attacked with some gusto today.

There was a smiley, giggly moment though, today’s Music Monday is one we heard this afternoon and D absolutely loves!

You just cannot beat a few minutes being silly, having a bit of a boogie to this.   Good old Woolly Bully.  Hurrah!

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