Uncertainty – Weds 19th Aug 2015

By | August 19, 2015

I’ve found today really quite difficult.  Not so much with T and D (although T did have a whack me and storm off moment, which lasted a while), but more about the uncertainty of being let down so badly by the pharmacy as regards to D’s injections (or lack of).

Having discussed it with Hubbie, we’ve elected not to tell her about what’s been happening (or hasn’t been) at the moment. It doesn’t seem fair to worry her silly about something that we have no idea when will happen.   I’d rather she stays relaxed and happy and let us worry.

I don’t know the way forward.  The professional standards person from their head office kept asking me how I wished to proceed, I got the impression she’s concerned I’ll go to the media.  

D – as mentioned – has been cuddly, but very relaxed, it always seems to be that she’ll need a very low-key day after an outing or surrounded by lots of people.   She needs that unwinding, that re-positioning of those senses which had been overloaded yesterday.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring? More of as today would be nice (apart from the whack).


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